Tips That Will Make You A Better World Of Tanks Gamer

World of Tanks is extremely popular, but extremely difficult game also. You will need these tips in order to make your gameplay better and stop being destroyed in every battle.

  1. When hits bounce of enemy tank, hit his tracks

When you cannot damage the tank you just hit, try to shoot at its tracks. This will eliminate the movement and allow to the artillery to hit it. Other areas where you can hit are engine and gas tank.

  1. Use a hack

World Of Tanks Blitz hack will just speed the progress of your advancing. For example, you will need 2000 battles to get a tank you really want, but with the hack, you will need 2 minutes. The hack is free and probably the best tip you can use.

  1. Pay attention to the map

A map must be studied properly if you want to success in a battle. Pay attention to the slopes, hills, and places where you can conceal your tank. Keep in mind that buildings can be destroyed and enemies can see you behind a bush. Tank destroyers won’t be able to hit you if you are on a higher ground than they.

  1. Don’t go alone

World of Tanks works on a team principle. You won’t be able to make any success all by yourself, even if you have the strongest tank. If you have a lightweight tank, move alongside the heavy tanks and vice versa.

  1. Hit lightweight tanks the first

The thing is, even when you have a powerful tank, you will be placed in a battle where you will fight other tanks with same specs. It means that there is no a tank which can destroy all other tanks in a battle. Choose smaller and lightweight tanks to destroy first, because they are a sure deal.

With these simple tips, you can easily reach tier 7 or above in a short period of time. Try and you will see.